Security researchers have warned that home security devices still don’ t work with iPhones and other Apple products, despite widespread claims by manufacturers that they do.

Researchers at the University of Washington said they were worried that the devices could not be configured properly, making them more vulnerable to hackers.

The researchers analysed the security settings of the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

They found that the Home Security System did not work with the devices, but the Home Automation System, which is designed to manage the home network and security devices, did.

They said they would not recommend purchasing an iPhone, iPad or other Apple devices if they did not have the Home Control software installed.

But Apple did not respond to requests for comment.

The security researchers said they also analysed how the devices connected to the network and whether they could be configured to run in a sandbox.

“We found that most of the devices had limited capabilities,” the researchers said.

“Many did not offer any way to remotely activate their Home Automations, and most were not able to use the standard iOS security features such as PIN-pad locks, PIN-code access, and password-based access to unlock devices.

The research was carried out on a single iPhone 6 and an iPhone 6Plus, using an external wireless network connected to a Mac.

They used the researchers’ security software, VMWare, which allows them to analyse the security configuration of a device to check for issues.

They also used the Mac to perform the analysis.

Apple does not yet provide an explanation for why it does not provide a way to activate Home Automatons or to use a PIN-based password to unlock them, but they said that the security controls were in place.”

It is not our intent to discourage users from installing Home Automatron software on their devices, nor is it our intent that any user should install any Home Automant software on an iPhone or iPad,” Apple said in a statement.”

In fact, we encourage people to make sure they are using the latest version of Home Automaton software to ensure their security is at the highest level.

“Apple said in February that it was working to fix vulnerabilities in its security software.”

Today we released security updates that address many of the critical vulnerabilities that have plagued our iOS devices and devices running Apple iOS, which have impacted millions of users around the world,” Apple wrote in a blog post.”

While many of these vulnerabilities have been patched, we know that there are still vulnerabilities in our software and in the software ecosystem that could allow attackers to exploit those vulnerabilities and take advantage of them.

“Security experts said they expected that Home Automata could be a security vulnerability that would not be easily patched by Apple.”

Apple has said it’s working on patches, but there are some of them that haven’t been released yet, and we’ve seen them all,” said Bruce Schneier, a cryptography expert and co-founder of CrowdStrike.”

If you think of HomeAutomatron as a kind of backdoor to iOS that you can use to access data, then it’s not an attractive vulnerability to Apple.”‘

Home Automation is not working’The researchers said the HomeAutomation software could be used by an attacker to take control of a home network.”

The security issues with HomeAutomat have been around for a while, and this is a major security vulnerability,” Schneier said.”

HomeAutomatron is not a secure product.””

In this case, the attacker could be able to get into the Home network using an exploit in the Home automation code.

This could allow them to gain root access to the device.

“Security researchers are calling for Apple to provide more security measures for its devices.”

You can’t use Home Automators to access your iPhone or Mac from outside the home,” said Mike Moustakas, a security researcher at Citizen Lab.”

Security needs to be a priority for Apple, and it’s very important that Apple makes Home Automated systems more secure.””

Apple should be working with the manufacturers of its products to create security features that are not just for security, but that can also be used to control devices and services,” said James Lewis, a researcher at Symantec.

Security researchers have also called for Apple not to make changes to its security features and said it should be able fix any flaws.”

They should update to iOS 10 and not only provide a secure OS but a secure iOS that also supports Home Automator, which will also enable Apple to be more effective at defending against attacks,” said Moustikas.”

Instead of focusing on adding security features, Apple should be making security features available to consumers and helping them to manage their security more securely,” Lewis said.