A new security fencing system being tested in the Netherlands has caused some headaches for a growing number of people who have been inconvenienced by its use.

According to a new report by the Dutch government, the new system has led to a significant increase in the number of traffic accidents in the country, which includes the most recent incidents in May.

In May, at least two people were killed when a motorcyclist crashed into a police van while riding along a pedestrian crossing in the town of Vorsted, in the south of the country.

According the Dutch police, the driver was drunk and didn’t see the pedestrian crossing.

A few days later, the same motorcyclists crashed into another pedestrian crossing, this time killing a 14-year-old boy.

Since then, the number one cause of fatal traffic accidents has been pedestrians crossing the street, with the number 1 death due to pedestrian-vehicle collisions having risen from 3 to 6.

This has sparked an outcry from the European Parliament, which is demanding a ban on the system and the European Commission, which has requested the Dutch authorities to explain why the system is causing more accidents.

“I am concerned about the use of a new type of traffic management system in a country that already has some of the world’s most stringent laws and regulations,” the Parliament’s committee chair, Peter Koonij, told Polygon.

At the same time, the Dutch Government is trying to make it seem as if the system isn’t causing a rise in traffic accidents, as the number has fallen from 4 in May to 2 in the first quarter of the year.

Koonjij says that the new safety system has been implemented for two years and it has been successful in keeping traffic moving in the area.

According to Koonji, the system was approved by the Netherlands’ national security committee and has been in use for about a year, and the system has also reduced traffic fatalities.

But the report does not say whether the system actually makes things safer.

On the contrary, according to Koons report, there were several incidents in the Dutch capital that involved pedestrians and cyclists crossing the road.

Koons group has been working with the Netherlands National Police to develop a new technology for controlling and controlling the traffic on the road, but he says that he has not seen any evidence that the system increases safety.

The Dutch Government has also been contacted by the European Union, and says it is aware of the reports.

The report does state that the Dutch Safety Agency is currently working with other jurisdictions around the world on the safety of the new security fence system, and that the agency has been able to determine the number and severity of traffic crashes resulting from the system in the last two years.

Kuns report also cites a number of other studies that suggest that the increased use of the system can lead to a rise of accidents, with some studies showing an increase of 10% in the accident rates over the past two years alone.

Koonij has been pushing for a ban for a long time.

According for example to a recent survey conducted by Kooniks group, a large majority of Dutch citizens want to see a ban in the future.

In a recent poll by Ipsos, a leading Dutch polling company, 76% of the public said they would like to see an end to the system if it was causing accidents.

However, some say the system could be beneficial in certain cases, especially when the driver of the motorbike was drunk.

Kans report also found that people are still using the system, even though there are a number reports of drivers stopping and speeding up at crosswalks, and even at cross-walks without the system.

The report also says that there is no evidence that there are significant risks to people who ride bikes, which Koonikis group is calling “dirt bikes.”

A similar system was introduced in Germany in the mid-2000s, but it did not stop the number from rising and it remains in use in many countries.

The Netherlands has a law against riding dirt bikes, but has not taken action to ban them completely.

As the new fencing system is being tested, the Netherlands is still trying to figure out exactly what it does.

According a report by local broadcaster NOS, the Government has yet to provide the results of the research conducted by the Koonix group and whether or not it has tested the new fence system successfully.

Even with the increased police presence, many people are taking the time to try out the system before they start using it.

In fact, a Dutch police officer who works with the system says that it is still too early to make any conclusions about the safety benefits of the fence.

It is also unclear what effect the fence is having on people’s behavior.

Kooij says the number that has been killed has decreased from three in May, to two in June and then back down to one in July.

Some say the fence has caused more accidents than it