Social Security retirement age, which was raised in 2019, has been the subject of a lot of discussion this week after the U.S. Navy’s Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral Jonathan Greenert, told members of Congress that Social Security benefits will begin to begin flowing on Dec. 31.

The first benefits are scheduled to begin Jan. 1, and then the program will expand to provide benefits for people 65 and older beginning Jan. 10.

“I’m not aware of a plan to delay that date,” Greenert said during the annual National Military Reunion at the Navy Yard in Washington.

“We have no plan in place to delay the date.”

However, he added that there was “an ongoing discussion” about extending Social Security’s retirement benefits, which he called “one of the most important things to happen” in American history.

The U.K. government announced in April that it was cutting benefits for retirees at its own retirement age of 67 in 2021.