The cybersecurity company’s total security product is a mobile app that users can download to access their own online data.

The app provides an interface for accessing personal and business data, including their personal email, passwords, browsing history, and other online data stored on their devices.

It is compatible with Android devices running on Android 4.4 KitKat or later.

However, the company recently announced that the app will no longer work on older versions of Android.

The company has been criticized by some consumers for its app, as it does not offer an opt-in option for users to disable the software, which can be done from within the app itself.

The company is also not offering an upgrade option for customers who have purchased its mobile app, a move that has been viewed as a betrayal of its customers.

The move also comes amid the global cyberattack that disrupted the world’s banking systems in May.

In addition, the app’s functionality has also been criticized for its slow download speeds, which are slow for most Android devices, which has led to some users complaining of sluggish service.