The story of a hidden camera security company that helped thieves steal credit cards from thousands of American homes.

It’s a story that is all too familiar to consumers, especially those with credit cards they never intended to use.

While it might sound too good to be true, this is what’s happening.

“This is a common scam,” said John P. Smith, a partner at the firm KPMG and a former member of the Federal Trade Commission’s fraud enforcement division.

“They’re using these devices to steal your credit card information.”

In February, a security company called Hidden Camera Security Inc. started selling hidden cameras for about $500 apiece.

The cameras captured the faces of unsuspecting victims in their homes, selling them fake credit cards for $100 each.

But it didn’t end there.

In the months after the cameras were installed, the thieves stole hundreds of thousands of credit cards.

Some were used to buy counterfeit products, but most were stolen because the thieves believed they were being watched, Smith said.

With the help of a hacker group called Anonymous, the stolen credit cards were eventually recovered.

They’ve since been sold for thousands of dollars apiece on the dark web, according to Smith.

For some, the crime was a one-time surprise.

A woman called L.A. police in February to report that she had been robbed in her home by a group of masked men, who had tried to extort money from her.

Officers arrested two suspects, but the police department was not alerted until weeks later, when it was clear that the stolen cards had been stolen, Smith told me.

After that, the criminals took the credit cards, sold them for $50 each and went on to complete their crimes.

At least one of the victims was in a critical condition.

The theft is just one of dozens that Hidden Camera, which sells its products under the moniker Secured Credit Card Security, has recorded.

It is not the only company selling hidden camera products that sell stolen credit card numbers, said Smith, who says he has spoken to more than a dozen customers who’ve been victims of credit card theft.

Hidden Camera’s business model is to sell cards that can be used to purchase counterfeit products or counterfeit bank accounts.

There is no evidence that any of the stolen card numbers are used in fraud.

But the thieves have not stopped there.

The thieves are targeting other consumer products as well.

Last year, they stole the names of hundreds of credit-card customers, including the names and birthdates of their children, on a home security company’s website.

Once the stolen names were sold, the perpetrators sold them on to a credit card company for $20 each, the FTC reported.

Many of the cards are from companies that are either already involved in fraud or have experienced it in the past.

The thieves are selling them for a fraction of the cost of the original card.

A company called C2i Security Inc., which Smith founded, said that some of the credit-cards stolen in the recent credit card-card theft spree were sold on to another company for about a $50 profit, according.

C2i is not alone.

The company also said that it had stolen about 300 credit cards between 2014 and 2016, according the FTC report.

That company, called Credio Security Inc, is also a security firm and has sold stolen credit-car accounts.

In the past year, the company has also sold stolen identities of more than 1,000 consumers, according a spokeswoman for the company.

Credi declined to comment for this story.

Smith said that most of the customers he’s spoken with who’ve reported their stolen credit Cards are from the same financial sector as he is.

They have mortgages, car loans and credit cards that are used to pay for things like a house or a car.

Smith said he had received several calls from people who were concerned about their stolen cards and had received no warning.

“They just assumed that the thieves are the ones doing it,” he said.

Smith estimates that about a third of the millions of stolen credit and debit cards that were stolen in 2016 were sold to third parties for profit.

The number of people who have been hurt or killed is hard to pin down.

But in the United States, a number of high-profile cases have emerged that show that the theft of credit and credit card data is a growing problem, and some of those incidents involved credit card companies that have been caught selling stolen cards.

Last fall, a Texas man named Christopher D. Jones was arrested after authorities say he purchased a stolen creditcard from a company called Credit Solutions.

Investigators say that after the man’s credit card was used to make purchases in Texas, he purchased stolen cards from Credit Solutions and another company, CreditCard Solutions.

In exchange, Credit Solutions gave him the stolen data, including his name,