New Orleans is working on a $8.5 million security system for its apartment buildings and other public spaces.

The system would use cameras and other technology to ensure the city’s residents are protected.

“It’s going to be the most expensive security system that we have ever built in New Orleans,” said Paul O’Neal, president of the New Orleans Association of Realtors.

O’Neil said the system would provide for up to 3,000 security cameras and will have sensors on every floor and every window.

O.P.O. and the city said the project will cost $5.5 billion, and it’s one of the biggest in the world.

OASR’s Oasis program has been approved for $3.5 to $5 million to build the system.

It will include cameras, sensors and electronic fences.

The city will purchase security cameras from the manufacturer and install them at all of its apartments.

Oasis, which began last year, has installed cameras at all four New Orleans apartment buildings, and they will be installed in buildings across the city.

The project is expected to take three to four years to complete.

ONeal said the plan for the new system will include security video cameras and sensors to monitor the security of the city and its residents.

The City of New Orleans has spent about $15 million to buy security cameras, and the project is slated to cost another $10 million.

OAK security system: The OAK system is expected be completed by the end of 2019.