Posted May 23, 2018 06:05:53Microsoft is getting ready to sell the company’s cloud-hosted file-sharing business for $1.3 billion.

The acquisition, announced Thursday by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, will bring the Microsoft Cloud to a number of companies and organizations, including some of the most popular file-storage services, including Dropbox and Amazon Web Services.

Microsoft Cloud File hosting is Microsoft’s version of Dropbox, and it has been a key pillar of Microsoft’s cloud offering for more than two decades.

Microsoft has also launched the Azure cloud-computing platform, which is Microsoft Azure’s own version of the Dropbox.

Microsoft said the cloud-storage business will continue to exist for customers, as well as partners, to “provide better value and deliver better value for our customers and partners.”

Microsoft’s Cloud File hosted file-share services include: FileZoom, FileZune, FilePacker, FileBucket, FileHacker, and Dropbox.

Microsoft’s FileZunes file-rental service was launched in 2009.

Microsoft’s cloud file hosting is the latest in a string of cloud-related acquisitions.

In January, Amazon purchased rival file-hacking firm FileZeus for $970 million.

Microsoft bought file-uploading site in March for $100 million.

In October, Microsoft acquired file-streaming service DropBox, which Microsoft bought for $200 million in September.

The companies also have a cloud-managed email service called Exchange Server.