Microsoft is introducing a new security feature that can protect a computer against a virus or other malware attack that might be coming from a malicious user.

The new feature is called “security benefit” and it will only be available on Microsoft’s latest version of Windows.

It will automatically scan the computer for any malware and malware-related activity that might cause a computer to crash.

The feature is only available in Microsoft’s newest version of the Windows operating system, version 1709.

It will be rolled out to Windows 10, Windows 10 Pro, and later versions of the operating system.

Microsoft said it is also rolling out a feature called “Security Bulletin Scanner” that can help detect any security-related security risk on your computer.

The feature can help you identify security issues that might have been caused by malware or viruses.

Microsoft also announced a new feature called Windows Defender, which is designed to help protect you from security-invasive attacks.

It includes a new Windows Defender app that you can install on your PC to help prevent a computer from being targeted by a malicious attack.

Microsoft is also offering a new set of free updates that will help keep Windows up to date, including the latest security patches for Windows 10.