Google is under fire after it was revealed that security experts were paid millions of dollars to recommend a new security feature.

The company said that it had “made significant improvements to protect our customers’ information”, but the company has not yet made public how much it paid them.

The Financial Times said that Google paid $1.7 million to researchers to review security patches, and that it paid another $1 million to a cybersecurity company to review them.

This week, The Guardian reported that Google has been working with the security firm G4S Secure Solutions to develop security measures for its products, including a tool called the G4s Secure Mobile app that helps users create and share private messages and chats.

The app has been developed by Google’s Mobile Security team and G4A Security, which has developed its own mobile security product.

Google said it had improved the security of its products since last year, and said it was working to “develop new, improved mobile security features”.

However, the company said in a statement to the Financial Times that it “continues to have an open and transparent process for all parties involved to provide feedback and help us build a better product for our customers”.

Google declined to comment on the Guardian’s report, but said it “always seeks to improve our products and services and has always made significant improvements”.

The Financial Press says that the G5, the parent company of G4C, G4SS and G5C, were paid $10 million in 2011 and 2012 to evaluate and improve the security features of Google’s mobile applications.

“G5C was paid $2.8 million in 2010 to help develop the Google Search mobile app.”

Google has said that its mobile security team “work together across several companies to provide customers with a secure environment for accessing their data”. “

In 2015, Google agreed to pay a further $2 billion to acquire G4SA Security to create the security software used to build the Google Android mobile app.”

Google has said that its mobile security team “work together across several companies to provide customers with a secure environment for accessing their data”.

Google’s decision to hire G4Secure and G3Security as security consultants comes amid reports that the company had been paying researchers to produce security patches for the Android mobile operating system.

In May, it was reported that a group of security experts had been paid $200,000 by Google to review Google’s Android security and security software.

In October, the US Senate voted to investigate the use of a US firm called G4 Security to review and produce security fixes for Google’s Google Android platform.

Google declined the request from the Senate, and Google told the Financial Review it was “not aware of any such investigation”.

However the Financial Post noted that Google’s relationship with G4, G3 and GSA could not be confirmed.

Google has come under fire before for the controversial use of the G Suite, a suite of applications and services that are free to download, but are bundled with many other Google products.

It is widely seen as a way for Google to ensure that its products are always up to date.

The G Suite has also been criticised by privacy advocates for its practices and for the lack of transparency about how it is used.

The firm has also come under criticism for the amount of money it spends to monitor its own products, particularly when it comes to security updates.

In 2014, the Financial Report revealed that Google spent $6.8 billion on research and development for Android devices, including over $2bn to build its security tools and code.

The latest revelations about Google’s practices came after Google was criticised for not disclosing the extent of its use of its own security consultants to build a new Android mobile security system.

Google, however, has previously defended its use.

“We use a wide range of security and privacy professionals, including those working at G4 Secure, G5 Security, G6 Secure and others, to deliver our Android security solutions,” Google said in October.

“While we have never had any internal conflicts with their work, we do have internal and external conflicts where they work on product enhancements to our products.

We don’t share that information with third parties.”

Google also told the Guardian that it hired G4 in 2013, but it did not reveal that it was one of the companies it hired.

Google also announced that it would be spending $5 million to upgrade security on the G6 mobile operating systems to make them more secure.

In June, Google also said that some of its other mobile security experts would be joining its security team.

“These changes will allow us to better protect Google’s users and help make the Android ecosystem more secure,” Google told users.

“The change to the Android security team, along with other changes we’re making, will make it easier for us to focus on delivering better security for our users, and better security to our partners.” Google’s