A new security software that can keep your devices secure and private, has been developed by a security researcher.

Posted September 23, 2018 11:01:13It’s an encryption application called Secure Access, which was designed to keep your device secure and not be used to gain access to sensitive information.

Its creators say it can keep all your data encrypted and can help protect your data from being stolen.

The developers of Secure Access have developed it after getting involved in a cyber attack against a group of Chinese students who were attempting to gain unauthorized access to a private computer.

Security experts believe that the attack could have been more sophisticated than anyone could have imagined.

They have been able to trace the code back to a site called Dark Web.

“We were able to get a few clues, including some of the code used to create the app, that led us to a real Chinese hacker,” developer and former security researcher, Justin Cappelli, told News.au.

Justin Cappellelli has been working on security for the past seven years and says that while the technique is relatively new, it’s one that’s been around for years.

In a blog post, the developers say that while many security researchers are trying to break into Android and iOS apps, the idea of using a security app to protect your smartphone is new.

It is a concept called encryption that is supposed to keep sensitive information secure and secure.

But security experts say that’s not the whole story.

Even though Secure Access can encrypt sensitive data, it doesn’t always encrypt data that is actually stored on your device, so it can still be accessed by people who have access to the device.

Secure Access is the first time a security tool has been built to protect the data stored on smartphones, says security researcher Justin C. Cappella.

He says this is because it’s not designed to be used for malicious purposes.

With this new app, Secure Access has the ability to protect sensitive data against people who would want to take it.

Read moreSecurity experts are skeptical of the app’s ability to help protect sensitive information, and the developers are taking the time to make it as secure as possible.

One thing the app does, Justin says, is make it hard to get into the app.

This is because when you press a button to install the app it’s encrypting the information in the app and the developer has to be sure that any data they store is safe to decrypt.

Another thing that Secure Access does is encrypt files on the phone, so the person that you’re trying to access it doesn.

Secure Access also doesn’t encrypt files in your Dropbox folder, so you can’t get any of your data if you’re looking at a folder.

So far, the app has only been tested with Windows devices, but Justin is hopeful that other devices will soon be supported.

Anyone can use Secure Access to protect their devices and make sure that sensitive information is encrypted.

When you’re using the app Secure Access automatically encrypts your data.

There are a couple of limitations with Secure Access.

You can’t use the app for browsing or downloading files.

And if you want to get the app on a mobile device, you’ll have to use a VPN to connect to the internet.

If you’re interested in using Secure Access on your mobile, you can find it on the Android Market.

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