Security gates are now available at many AT&T stores.

But there’s a catch: They’re only available at select stores.

The new security gate is a new type of door.

It requires no security pass and can be purchased with a credit card or cash, but it’s not an ATM.

And the store does not accept cash.

The security gate will be available at more than 1,000 AT&t stores, and some stores are still working on the first set of security gates.

Here are the locations with the new gates:Ascendent, 616 S.E. 16th St. Suite 202, Atlanta; AmaZoo, 300 N. Marietta St. West, Atlanta, Ga.; Blue Moon, 200 E. Market St., Atlanta, GA; Centennial Plaza, 1120 E. Piedmont Ave., Atlanta; and Centennial Marketplace, 1125 E. Georgia Ave., Suite 101, Atlanta.

The company also has a new mobile app, called SmartPass, which allows users to use cash or credit cards to pay for security gates and other store upgrades.