With security cameras and other home security systems proliferating, many Canadians are wondering how to find and remove them.

They are being used for home invasions, break-ins and crimes like arson.

With the introduction of the LEOs, there are a few tips to follow to make sure you’re not being monitored by someone watching your home.1.

Check the footage for security cameras, video recorders, motion sensors and security systems to make certain they aren’t recording anything illegal or illegal activity.2.

Check your camera settings.

Most cameras have a setting that shows you what you can and can’t see.

If it’s set to “Off”, you should be fine.3.

If you’re unsure of whether you are recording or not, don’t use it.

Many security systems don’t work with video, so you may not see anything.4.

Don’t touch your camera without permission.

Security systems can be set to record and record on the camera’s side, but not on the other side.

If the system is recording on the side that it shouldn’t, it can easily be activated by a hacker.5.

If a security system is set to be recorded on both sides, it’s best to be aware of what’s going on.

If one side is recording while the other is off, the security system may be recording on one side and off on the opposite side.6.

If security cameras are recording on both of your walls and ceilings, make sure your home isn’t being watched.

It can be hard to tell the difference.7.

Do not try to hide your camera from security cameras.

When they are recording, it will be on your front porch or other visible area.

If someone is watching, they will see your face and can see your home, so it’s easy for them to track you down.8.

If your security system does not record on both walls and ceiling, but you don’t know why, call the police.

The LEO can be activated in seconds.9.

If there’s no indication of a video camera on your home that’s being recorded, it may be that your security camera is recording illegally or a security camera on the outside of your home was installed illegally.

You should also contact the police if there’s a suspicious situation in your home and you’re having a hard time getting the camera out of the way.10.

If any of these tips don’t help you, contact your local police force or a criminal lawyer.