Boesen says she will not comment on the “sexual harassment” allegation against her father, former President Fran Boeser, after a medical conference this week.

“I have decided that it is not appropriate for me to comment on this matter at this time,” she wrote in a statement posted on the website of her medical group, Boesschs Medicine.

“I have asked the Boeschi medical community to review the matter and respond to it in a timely manner.”

She added that she has spoken with her father and the woman, who is also a member of her father’s staff, and plans to continue to work with them to improve her career and life.

Boesen, 63, who stepped down as chairwoman of the U.S. House Committee on Energy and Commerce last month, was forced out of her job as the U of M’s chairwoman after allegations of sexual harassment by former athletic director Danny Hall.

The women’s accusations against Boesdens predecessor, Dr. Tom Boesens wife, Peggy, also surfaced in a March 20 article in the U-T.

They said the couple engaged in sexual relations with an unnamed man.

Boezens’ lawyer, John Bennett, said in a tweet Thursday that the congresswoman will “continue to be open and transparent” with the committee and will not seek any new information about the allegations.

Bennett’s firm is represented by lawyer Michael Lutz, who also is representing Boesin.

Lutz did not respond to a request for comment on whether his firm is representing the congresswomen.

“The accusations are totally unfounded and are the product of a witch hunt against Dr. Boesing.

We believe in a strong, transparent and unbiased investigation,” Bennett said in an emailed statement.

“Dr. Boeing and his family are fully cooperating with our investigation.”

Boeser has been accused of sexual misconduct in two separate incidents dating back to the 1980s.

He was the first doctor to be removed from office by the House of Representatives in 1983 after he was accused of raping a woman.

Betsen was the third woman to come forward with allegations against Betser, in 1997 and 2000.

The latest allegation surfaced in January after a former student said she was sexually assaulted by Boesers son, who was a graduate student at the university in 1980s, when she was a sophomore.

The woman, whose name has not been released, filed a sexual harassment complaint against her former professor.

She said Boesden was involved in an unwanted relationship with the woman.

She said the relationship ended in 1996 when the woman left the university.

Bettsen resigned from his position as the chair of the University of Michigan Board of Trustees in December after the school announced he would be stepping down from his post to become dean of the medical school at the University at Buffalo.

He had been vice chancellor for external affairs for the university’s medical school since 2005.

Betsen also is the father of a son who served in the Air Force, and is an honorary member of the Air Forces Academy.