A security issue with Arlo Security Cameras that let attackers access their account data has put customers at high risk, the company has announced.

The breach has occurred over the weekend and affected customers of Arlo Camera in New Zealand, as well as some of its customers in Australia.

In a blog post on its website, Arlo said that the security breach had affected the ability of its “security cameras” to be used on “commercial premises” and that it had also had an “internal vulnerability” that was “very serious”.

It said that Arlo had discovered the issue by “hacking” the software running on its systems.

Arlo’s customers who have not yet received their camera-equipped systems have been told to contact Arlo for a refund.

Arlop said that it was unable to provide further details about how the breach was discovered.

“We are not aware of any breach of Arloptics systems in the past and have no indication that any breach occurred,” the company wrote.

The company also said that customers who had paid for a camera system could have “suspicious activity” on their account when the system was enabled, but that this had not been the case.

Arltop did not specify how many customers it had in New England, Australia or New Zealand.

However, it said that most customers in New York City and the US had had the systems installed.

Arlon Camera was acquired by Canon in 2013 and was acquired in 2016 by US video-streaming firm Vivid.