A security app that will let users monitor their data stored on secure storage devices, and use it to track and defend against ransomware, cyber attacks and other malicious activity.

AdtSecurity, which is a subsidiary of Intel Corp, said it will provide users with an in-app “monitor” that allows them to “identify, track and manage their data” in secure storage.

The app will be free, and users can sign up to use the service for free by installing the Intel SecureStorage Pro app.

AdtSecurity also announced it is launching a $20,000 crowdfunding campaign to help fund development of the app.

The company, which has raised $40 million in funding since its inception, said that it was adding “secure storage” to the Intel platform, and that the app will also support “smart lock and password management”.

It will also offer “smart access control”, “smart backup” and “smart data recovery”.

AdtSecure will offer users the ability to log into their accounts via an app that is “fully supported by Intel”.

Users will also be able to “monitor their data on Intel secure storage using Intel Secure Storage Pro”.

AdtSecure, which will be open source and made available under a CC BY-SA 4.0 license, said the app “will provide users the tools they need to secure their data from ransomware, attacks and hackers”.

Ads for the Intel app will go up for sale in the coming days.

Users can sign-up to use Adt Security’s app for free, by downloading the Intel-powered SecureStoragePro app from the Intel Developer Network.

Intel has been working to make secure storage accessible to users, which are already more likely to have mobile devices.

Last month, the company said it was developing an in game app called Intel Secure storage that would be “an open platform for users to access secure storage”.

AdtsSecure is the brainchild of security and privacy expert Bruce Schneier, who also serves as a board member of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM).

“Adt Security is a great example of how a great privacy product can benefit the security community in a big way,” Schneier said.

“Its a good idea for the US and other countries to get Intel to take this on.

I believe its a great first step.”

Intel said it would provide support for secure storage “in the future”.

“Intel Secure Storage is a secure platform that we believe will be an integral part of the mobile security landscape,” Intel security president Peter Mooney said.

“We expect to provide the Intel SDK in the near future and will continue to provide support as required.”

AdtSecurity said the device will be available for purchase in the US on June 29.

“The Intel SecureStore app is available for Windows, Linux and Mac,” the company told VentureBeat.

“The Intel Developer community can download the Intel Software Security Update on the Intel site.”

AdtsSecurity did not respond to a request for comment.